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Best Feature Film

                                    Amazon Queen by Marlin Darrah 

                                             Honorable Mention

                                            Aar Baa by Satej Joshi
                                           Who is it?  by Jim Menza
                              Ballads of the Exodus by Dalton Thomas

Best Short Film 

                                         A New York Story by  Paul Schwartz

                                                       Honorable Mention

                                             Honey Cycle by Yudelka Heyer
                                                Song of the Same Night by 
                         Kary H Sarrey, Jason J Sarrey, Jay Rho, Ryan Foregger,
                                         Yong Duk Jhun,  Lai Tsz  Yeung Alson
                                              Falafel by  Nikita Hattangady
                                   This Case & My Life by Ana A P Braunstein
                                   Finding Revelation, Alabama by  Glenn Payne
                                   Something About Henry by John Borowski

Best Feature Documentary

                    Traditional Indigenous Ways of Being by Ed Breeding

                                                Honorable Mention 

                                             The 1 Field  by Tsipi Raz
                                 Scent of Myrtle by Christian Canderan
                           Extraordinary: The Revelations by Jon Sumple

Best Short Documentary 

                         Splendid Land  by Eleni Vlassi, Huaqing Jin

                                                Honorable Mention

                      Athos, The World's Brightest Peak by  Argyris Liapis
Grueling Glory I March to Carentan by Christian Taylor, Michèle Phoenix
                                         Route 4 by Martina Chamrad
                                           Left Unsaid by Iari Varriale

Best TV Series

                           Incompleteness by  David Ash

                                     Honorable Mention
                Vegan on a Jet Plane: Bali by  Jacob Teixeira

Best Web Series

                               Freedom Farm Sanctuary by Taliya Finkel

Best Director

Paul Schwartz

Best Score

                 Ballads of the Exodus

Best Narrative Short Film

Dad,David & Danny by Suveer Bhambhani

Best Comedy Short Film

                     Toshie the Nihilist by Matthew Chozick

Best Thriller Short Film

                       Untitled Number 4 by Eric Ransdell

Best Drama Short Film

               54 Years Late by Michele Wright, Ph.D.

Best Student Short Film 

Going Out by  Wes Shiflett

Best 1st Time Filmmaker

End of the Summer by Ekaterina Bartova

Best Children Short Film

Ennocence by Baptiste Pollano

Best Animation

                    Dragon Recipes by Maria Pavlou

                              Honorable Mention

                    On / Off by Nicolas P. Villarreal

Best Experimental Animation

Saaa-winggg! by Maureen M. Miller

Best Commercial

                      Fit for the Future by Jonas Hofmann

                                     Honorable Mention
        Rosa Vodka "Worth The Journey" by Scott McCullough

Best Feature Screenplay

                                The Last Day of Paradise by Kiki Denis

                                                 Honorable Mention

                                 Face Painters  by Giovanni Sanseviero
                                  The Lamplighter by Pamela Hanson
                                 The House on Park Place by Debra Karr

Best Short Screenplay

                     Yesterday Never Ended by Bryan Huynh

                                      Honorable Mention

                            For the Children by Desiree Stone
            The Creek Dweller in the Bayou by Dr. Melissa Caudle
                              Resigned by Katiuscia Cancedda

      2021  Jury Mention 

Traditional Indigenous Ways of Being 

The organizing committee of the Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes dedicates this award to all Native Americans, and their wonderful spirituality, beliefs,and way of life. 

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