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Upcoming Masterclass with Anton Egorov


June 12

June 14


                                                                                                Dear friends,

My name is Anton. I'm a professional film editor and I have more than 17-years of extensive and practical experience.

I edit commercials, music videos, branded videos, documentaries, short films, feature films and others.

I was working  with various productions – BBDO (UK), Partizan Production (UK) Adam and Eve DDB (UK), Nafta Films (Estonia), (Denmark), Luxart (France), Digimage Studio (France), AFFA Productions (Russia), GREAT Advertising (Russia) and many others for tv commercials for such brands like Google, Bentley, Heineken, Ferrari, Abbott, Blend-a-med, Zewa, Samsung, Apple, Unilever, ITLV, Tele2 Mobile, Beats by Dre, K-Rauta, Flystation Japan, FlyStation Korea and others.


We invite you to visit our online masterclass about editing. This time the main theme for our masterclass will be “Editing tv commercials on post once it wasn’t shot with storyboard and it has gone as wasn’t planned on the post.”

In my portfolio I have one really creative and hand-crafted project for Bentley Bentayga Russian Pirouette”.

The conditional storyboard existed before shooting, but was not so precise as from the first view and the team has used it on pre-production and during shooting too, but once the shooting has finished we all realized on the post production that all materials we got are more looks like live style, especially when the story was based on modern dance and even Anastasia dancing to the background sound during the shot, it was really difficult to shoot everything in a classic cinematic way when you have every shot that is shot for a certain frame in the storyboard. So, you need to improvise all the time, and such a storyboard is only used as a conditional reference. And the selection of dance phases must be approached in a special way.


Since this car is a kind of masterpiece of modern automotive engineering and it is super limited edition manufactured with hand-crafted interior elements and exterior style, same manner I was thinking to create such kind of story that will also intertwined with the classical Russian Ballet that is so famous worldwide and the contemporary dance with classical elements performed by Anastasia Peshkova. Such a kind of fusion of different styles and ballet techniques, but here that meet each other in harmony and grace.








During this masterclass we will examine the entire storytelling with maximum details and I will present to you the story of how it was created from the early beginning, from the creating concept and develop it in pre-production and the steps that followed next to collect all the crew and organize scouting on location, preparation for the shooting.

We will observe some interesting highlights from the stage and how it was shoot and slightly will switch to the post production stage and here we will discuss in more details the entire pipeline from early beginning on selection, choosing the best takes and phases to match and create storytelling in such complex style like contemporary dance  and discuss how to create firstly rough cut or some extra versions, analyzing the story, how film editor interacting with the post-production team and with the colorist and sound designer on post production during the editing. And finally creating master 60 sec versions and shortened versions like 30 sec and two a bit different 15 sec versions with the accents on the dance for one and with the extra accents on car interior and exterior for another 15 sec.





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